An inspirational and thoughtful page turner: The Secret to Happy by Vicky Pattison


By Sarah Waddington.

I have a love hate relationship with self-help books and podcasts so I wasn’t sure what to expect when I picked up The Secret to Happy by Vicky Pattison, ex-Geordie Shorer and 2015 winner of I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here.

Turns out this newly published hardback and audiobook is an inspirational and thoughtful page turner with one clear message at its core: the secret to happy lies with being the best version of you - and each day brings a clean sheet that allows us to work on achieving just that.

Even if you’ve made mistakes, you can move past these and fulfil your own potential, and those around you will come with you on that journey, or at least those who matter and deserve your time and love.

Vicky might not be the first to share this insight, but the power and authenticity of her message comes from the courage she has in detailing her personal experiences early in her career and sharing the, at times, painful consequences arising from her behaviour. We’ve all done something silly, but most of us have had the benefit of doing it privately, rather than broadcast to an international audience.

“This book…is here to make you feel better when you have gone ahead and done the things everyone told you not to do, and their warnings come true, and you feel silly or sad and have a head full of regret. I want this book to feel like a hug.”

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