Interview: Bukola Adisa, CEO of Career Masterclass on workforce diversity and career growth

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Bdaily’s Mark Adair chatted with Bukola Adisa, the CEO of Career Masterclass, an organisation that focuses firmly on the career progression of underrepresented people, specifically people from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Working closely with businesses large and small, Career Masterclass helps implement professional practices to create environments of inclusion and equality in the workplace.

“We believe that career growth should not be the preserve of a few people, we believe that anyone regardless of their backgrounds, where they’ve come from, where they’ve gone to school, what they look like and what their name is, should have access, access to opportunities, access to knowledge, access to people that can help them progress their careers.” said Bukola, outlining that Career Masterclass’ goal is the democratisation of career growth.

“We help organisations as well as individuals grow in their career. So that’s what we do, we work with amazing organisations, to help unlock the pipeline and to develop the talent within the organisations workplace.”

Bukola Adisa, CEO of Career Masterclass

Bukola described an endemic state of exclusivity across industries, keeping minorities out of positions of career growth. “I don’t believe that there is any one industry actually doing a great job. Now, of course, some are doing better than others. But I think when we talk about the issues of diversity, and inclusion it is a societal issue. It’s a business issue and an economic issue, it is an industry wide issue.

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