University of Sunderland MBA Senior Leader Apprenticeship Information Event

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This event is designed to provide an overview about the** MBA Senior Leader apprenticeship** which is due to start in September 2021.

There have been some recent changes to the standards. We are delighted to announce that we will continue to include the MBA as part of the Senior Leader apprenticeship. This event will provide an overview about the updated programme.

This event is ideal for employees who are looking to find out more information about our apprenticeship options to further develop their knowledge and skills whilst working.

It is also suitable for employers who want to find out more about utilising their apprenticeship levy to up-skill their organisation leadership team.

The programme has been developed in partnership with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and regional employers to support enhancement of effective strategic leader knowledge, skills and behaviours. It offers a blend of work-based learning with business, leadership and management education.

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Please note that our apprenticeships are only available to organisations, employers and employees based in the UK.

Event details
Date 3:00pm on 24 Jun 2021 to 4:00pm on 24 Jun 2021
Venue Online