Leveraging AI to Transform Teaching and Training - Online Masterclass

Welcome to our Leveraging AI to transform teaching and training masterclass!

Join us online for an insightful session on how Artificial Intelligence can revolutionise the way we integrate AI into educational curriculum, staff development, and training programmes, emphasising the necessity of AI literacy among educators and trainers.

We’ll delve into AI’s influence on the evolving job landscape, address ethical concerns, and advocate for hands-on learning experiences to enhance digital proficiency.

Participants will gain actionable strategies for overcoming implementation obstacles and promoting AI integration in staff training, enabling educators to effectively prepare learners for success in an AI-driven society.

Whether you’re an educator, trainer, or simply curious about AI, this masterclass is perfect for you.

Presented by Reece Sohdi, Programme Leader for the Learning and Skills Teacher Apprenticeship at the University of Sunderland.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your knowledge and skills in AI.

Register now and secure your spot!

Event details
Date 12:00pm on 23 Apr 2024 to 1:00pm on 23 Apr 2024
Venue Online
URL Find More Information Here