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Back to school

With Dr Simon Raybould, Curved Vision TheatreWe’re sitting here, at home, almost in a state of siege. What is it that’s attacking us? Well, not only am I trying to get two teenage daughters back to school, but for one of them it’s a new (and already hated!) school. It brings to mind the radio interviews I’ve been doing recently about how teachers misuse and abuse their voices; damage to their voice is the second most common reason for teachers leaving the profession early (after stress).There’s plenty of good advice about (even a free download for teachers on our own website) but the one thing that most people don’t say to teachers is this: don’t use your voice unless you really need to. Classrooms are notoriously bad environments for voices - so why risk it unless you have to? I know plenty of teachers (particularly of younger children) who have visual signals for attracting attention instead of using their voice. I even know one teacher who (claims to) turn off the classroom lights sometimes. It’s not a technique I’d recommend for the business environment, but it did get me thinking….As always, questions and comments to me, Simon, at; and don’t forget the free blog of tips, hints, comments and humour on our website!

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