Ruth Mitchell

HRMC blunders leave millions in like for tax rebates

More than six million people are due to receive tax rebates, after HRMC identified flaws in the current computer system,

According to the BBC, the average person will be in like to receive around £400, while a further million will find they have underpaid tax by between £500 and £600 on average.

This year HRMC will be more sympathetic to those who have underpaid, giving them the opportunity to pay back what they owe over a period of time by having their tax code adjusted.

This whole process is expected to cost the government more than £2 billion, and relates to the tax year 2007/2008.

According to the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee, up to 22 million people have not been taxed accurately since 2004/05, and has caused high levels of distress and inconvenience to the taxpayer.

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