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Success for eco-friendly bottles

Suffolk based packaging company, GreenBottle have developed the world’s first paper milk bottle, and is celebrating a landmark achievement by selling its 100,000th bottle.

The unique product is being successfully trialed in Asda stores across the South West, spurring the next stage of develop - a paper wine bottle.

A prototype paper bottle has been created, and now the company is in talks with supermarkets and wine producers to make it available to the British public as early as next year.

Inventor Martin Myserscough is the brains behind the bottle, he said: “The best thing about GreenBottle is that consumers just ‘get it’.

“We’ve found that if you offer them the choice of a paper bottle or a plastic one they’ll choose paper every time.

“Choosing milk in GreenBottles enables consumers to ‘do their bit’ for the environment every day - and our sales show that ever greater numbers of consumers are doing this.

“We’re hopeful that the success we’ve had with GreenBottle in milk can be repeated with wine. It would mean an end to those morning-after trips to the bottle bank.”

Since its launch earlier this year in Asda stores, consumer reaction to GreenBottle’s paper milk bottle has been positive.

A six-month test market in the south-west, showed that UK sales of milk sold in GreenBottles more than tripled compared to previous sales in conventional plastic bottles.

Martin has managed to achieve success without funding support from UK banks, using private investors and grants secured from the European Union.

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