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Initiative to investigate carbon reduction across Northern homes

Northern Powergrid and its partners have launched a new initiative to play a part in moving the UK towards a low carbon economy.

The Customer-Led Network Revolution is a joint initiative, that comprises of a £54m study to find out how customers can reduce carbon emissions and save money.

It will examine 14,000 homes in the North East and Yorkshire, as the partners will look at how they can introduce low carbon technologies to the grid.

The organisations suggest that speeding up the implementation of such technologies, by just one year, could save the UK £8m in energy costs, and reduce carbon emissions by 43m tonnes.

President of Northern Powergrid, Phil Jones, said: “This is a project whose time has come. What is being contemplated in the electricity industry is nothing short of a revolution.

“It used to be that all the power came from a few power stations to every property - and all the energy flowed one way.

“The prospect of smarter networks opens up a whole new set of possibilities - customers can generate their own energy and use home-based technology to regulate how and when they use it.”

The partners will use data from 14,000 British Gas Smart Meters, that have already been rolled out in the North East and Yorkshire.

Around 2,500 customers will also be installing low carbon technologies, such as electric car charging points, heat pumps, and solar PV panels.

The initiative also aims to address new pricing models, with the aim of finding out how the energy industry can best meet the needs of customers at the minimum cost.

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