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Business Continuity Management for a Rainy Day

Business Continuity Management is a phrase that crops up a lot lately – and with the current climate the way it is, it’s not a surprise!

With organisations generally fighting for survival and trying to get the very most out of their resources, just one thing falling out of place could have a massive impact.

But should a rainy day be round the corner, do you know how resilient your organisation would really be? Would you be able to jump straight into action and get your business up and running again as soon as you could?

With recent events in the banking sector, lessons in this area are certainly being learnt and business continuity planning is becoming an evermore prevalent issue. Having an old document in a file somewhere may not be enough anymore – plans need to be live, relevant and easy to action.

Exploring frameworks such as the ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management Standard can help you to get a real insight into your resilience and in turn minimise the likelihood of disruption to business operations in the first place.

It may not seem like a priority now whilst the going is good, but you never know what’s around the corner – and the way you react could make all the difference.

Potential Business Continuity Disruptions:

  • Employee absence and sickness
  • Buildings access issue or criminal damage/break in
  • Loss of critical data or technology i.e. virus, hardware failure
  • Loss of a key supplier or contractor
  • Vital equipment breakdown
  • Transport infrastructure failure i.e. roads, fuel, public transport
  • Loss of utilities
  • Disruptive events i.e. fire, flood, strike, health hazards

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