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Aegis IT launches unique learning platform

Representatives from Newcastle-based technology specialist, Aegis IT, are heading off to the Far East to launch an innovative virtual remote learning platform at the Learning and Teaching Expo in Hong Kong on the 22-24 November, 2012.

Called Aegis Learning, this new offering uses artificial intelligence and speech biometrics to allow secure learning from any device anywhere in the world and the company believes it will be the first of its kind on the market.

Developed in-house by Aegis’ team of experts, the company has invested £250,000 in producing this e-learning platform and aims to have four million subscribers worldwide by 2014.

David McPherson, managing and technical director at Aegis, said:“No other company has yet developed an e-learning platform using both speech biometrics and artificial intelligence - which have a whole host of benefits in terms of security and support to online learning and interaction.”

Speech biometrics uses voice recognition for authentication techniques, which adds extra security to the usual log in with username and password. With Aegis Learning the user is asked to read out some numbers so the software registers their voice print, this is then used going forward for secure access every time the registered person logs on.

“This voice recognition security ensures that only the person who is enrolled on the course can have access to the content and fulfil the learning requirements. This is reassuring for organisations who are putting their staff through online training, in that it makes sure that only the person enrolled completes the course and not someone else in their place.”

The application of artificial intelligence offers students a flexible way of learning by giving them the opportunity to interact with the software verbally.

David McPherson explained:“Artificial intelligence is software that is able to interpret your answer by recognising your voice and offer you suggestions and help if you need it when answering a question. For example, on language courses the software can recognise if an answer is incorrect and then offer some prompts to steer the user to finding a correct solution.”

The product when it’s launched will be available globally and Aegis has been working closely with UKTI to exploit opportunities overseas.

“We’ve been working with the support of UKTI over the past year or so to develop partner networks in South East Asia and the Learning and Teaching Expo is the perfect world stage to launch it from. As well gathering interest in Asia we’re also in discussions regarding Middle East markets as well.

“With the product being available globally, Aegis hopes this business will prove profitable for the company.

“We expect that Aegis Learning will provide a profitable revenue stream for the company in the region of at least £10 million by 2014. We have recently recruited a trainee technical consultant and an office manager, and expect to create a further 8-12 new jobs in the next couple of years.”

For more information about Aegis IT visit or telephone 0191 300 2155.

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