George Rafferty
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Energy Bill will create jobs for supply chain

NOF Energy Chief Executive George Rafferty has welcomed the Government’s Energy Bill, which was published today.

Mr Rafferty has backed the strategy to create a balanced energy future and the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Ed Davey’s endorsement of the UK supply chain.

George Rafferty said:

“The plans set out by the Energy Bill have the potential to help create thousands of jobs in the energy sector supply chain. While Oil & Gas will continue to take centre stage in the UK’s energy mix, the Bill has set out a clear path towards achieving a balanced energy future by also utilising renewables, new nuclear and carbon capture.

“These proposals will create opportunities across the supply chain, which is currently gearing up to be able to serve multiple sectors. The Energy Secretary is right to highlight the UK’s engineering prowess as the British supply chain has been integral to the global energy industry for 60 years. It will be at its heart for the next 60 years and beyond through its innovative approach to technology and skills.”

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