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2013 see a shift in cloud services

Mark Davies of Cobweb Solutions looks at the changing landscape of cloud computing services.

In 2013 we are already seeing a change in the size of businesses implementing cloud-based services, especially for email. This shift is from typical cloud customers being micro-businesses averaging 5-25 employees, to being larger companies with 50-250 staff. This is indicative of changing perceptions of using the cloud for business. Medium-sized firms are growing in confidence as the cloud matures in the market and former concerns associated with the cloud such as security, cost and reliability, are diminishing.

Security can be addressed through standards such as ISO 27001, whilst ROI calculators demonstrate the cost savings that can be made by turning to cloud-based providers. Cloud-based services are also typically better than those run in-house with SLAs providing availability statistics of 99.9% or more. Companies are making tangible savings as removing the CAPEX costs of infrastructure is critical to cash- starved businesses in this challenging economic climate. Furthermore, fewer staff are required to maintain the service, serving to enhance these savings.

The UK government has recognised these savings in the private sector and is looking to encourage more public sector organisations to enjoy the same benefits. As a result, it has implemented the G-Cloud initiative where a range of service providers offer a tried-and-tested route to buyers in the public sector, enabling them to achieve value for money through accredited IT solutions. This is in stark contrast to the previous state of play as the public sector had traditionally paid a premium to larger organisations delivering a top-end solution, which met some of the legislations they need to comply with but ultimately exceeded their overall requirements.

The cloud services market is changing, and it’s now becoming apparent that the benefits of the cloud far outweigh any perceived concerns associated with outsourcing. In the current economic climate, the cloud’s cost-saving benefits make for a particularly compelling argument for IT and financial decision-makers in businesses of all types and sizes to invest in the cloud.

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