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Spam: USA leads the world in junk emails

Recently a report claimed that the USA has first ranked in distributing spam mails than any other country in the world. Among all spam distribution in the world, USA holds 18.3% of the world’s spam distribution count. The China took the second position with a 8.2% ratio, and the India holds a position at number three 4.2% ratio respectively.

As we know spam mails or junk mails have no significance because of online safety. Such spam emails contain malicious links and virus that can damage or harm the data and sometimes the whole system. These mails are about lottery winnings, jobs, dating proposals and government notifications. As we know that online attacks and frauds have increased rapidly since last few years and hackers are finding new ways of online attacking. In this situation it is very advisable to have a strong email security which can recognize such mail or spam links and provides a secure environment for the server.

Here, I would like to suggest you to install SSL security against spam mails that a business person receives in his daily life. And this article will also tell you about the importance of SSL. Below is the image of how email works?

Sending Bulk mails without marking as spam:

You can use an email authentication method like SPF and DKIM that proves that your domain and emails are not different. Second, you can check your reverse DNS to ensure that you use an IP address for sending mail is the same that is associated with your domain name. Third, hide your IP address from being spread out to unknown persons. Make use of the full, real name of the addressee in the To field. Fourth make sure that a reply to your mail is valid and of existing addresses and keep watch over abuse accounts such as Fifth, always keep in mind that your mail does not look like spam mails. If you want to provide information then write them as you write a standard mail. You can change setting for incoming mail that if any mail you receive it will open in a plain text so there will be no problem of spamming.

General Precautions against Spam Mails:

You can save yourself from spamming through some precautions.

  • Do not reply to spam mails as it contains malicious links or a virus.
  • Never reveal your email address to unknown person.
  • If possible, delete spam mails instantly.
  • Never click on spam mail or any type of attachment.
  • Always use anti-spam program which can filter your mails.
  • Set a junk folder in your Outlook, Outlook express or windows mail.
  • Do not submit your email address to any website that are asking for newsletter subscription because sometimes they sell your mail address to spammers.
  • Add trusted mail addresses to whom you trust and want to communicate further.

Conclusion: Spam mail is an unsolicited content sent to thousands of email addresses with some fraudulent purpose or selling purpose or marketing purpose. From the above precautions now, it is clear that with some simple tactics person can remain safe from spamming. It is obvious that you cannot stop spamming activities but taking simple precautions you can secure yourself.

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