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Consumers face multiple mobile phone recycling options

Consumers looking to sell their mobile phones to recycling companies are being told that the best price isn’t necessarily always the best deal.

Given the increasing value of the latest top of the range mobile phones, the returns offered by mobile phone recycling companies are also on the rise, and as such consumers may be drawn towards the highest bidder. However, the directors at are encouraging people to consider a number of factors when trading their handset in.

Despite some companies offering well over £200 returns for the likes of the latest iphone and Samsung Galaxy, features such as payment timing, postage cost and customer service can also have an enormous effect on the consumer experience.

Recycling comparison website, provides users with the opportunity to assess a company’s features and efficiency via the site’s informative table layout and user reviews, enabling customers to make an informed choice.

In order to make such a choice, consumers should consider the following features integral to all mobile phone recyclers:

  • Postage price – is it freepost? If not, this comes at an additional cost to the customer
  • Postage and packaging – is it provided? If not, extra cost and inconvenience is placed on the customer
  • Payment method – Cash? Cheque? Paypal? It is important to check accessibility to potential funds
  • User reviews – provide first-hand accounts of company reliability, including insight into payment promptness and customer service. Some customers find that, because of the condition of their handset, the money paid is considerably lower than the up-front quote: this is the type of information reviewers are likely to highlight. Director Graham Miller, said: “With consumers across the country feeling the effects of the recession, it’s understandable that people may be tempted by the highest offer when sending in their mobile phone for recycling.

“However, we would recommend that anyone trading in their device takes the time to look beyond pricing, and assesses the complete service provided by each company. With payment methods and delivery options varied, customers can save themselves practical and financial strain by checking our company itemisations and user reviews to enable the most satisfying experience.” was established in 2010 and is one of the UK’s most prominent phone-recycling comparison websites.

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