Business travel: conference calls vs. meeting in person

The internet has certainly improved worldwide communication for individuals and businesses alike. However, there still are certain things that cannot be done via the World Wide Web. From conferences and lectures to negotiations and annual general meetings, some events are still best held in person. While negotiations, for instance, are well possible to be conducted online, the internet fails to convey crucial, non-verbal aspects of communication, such as body language and facial expression, and even a video conference will not be able to provide the same communicational quality as a face-to-face meeting. Furthermore, it is a valuable sign of respect to meet a potential business partner in person. It demonstrates a willingness to effort and commitment that potential partners will sense and certainly appreciate. Especially in the age of the internet, where everything shifts towards the digital realm, a personal meeting with a new client, for instance, will surely stand out and might eventually turn out to be a rewarding investment.

Bridging distances

Understandably, setting up a meeting is sometimes easier said than done, especially over long distances. While it might be worth the trip for a British business person to meet an Australian client or partner, a long haul flight is still not a very efficient use of time. Unless, of course, the time is used wisely and work can be done on the flight. This is where business class comes in. It not only provides increased comfort and additional amenities, but also the right means and environment to conduct important business on flight, as well as speedy processing on the ground. Overall, the perks of business class flight make long distance travel more efficient. Instead of traveling to the business partner, one can also fly her or him in, which certainly is more costly, but depending on the stakes, might be a valuable option. Besides the more traditional means of increasing workplace satisfaction, a business class flight might as well be an incentive for employees.

Capital travel

Whereas there is only limited choice for long distance travel, which is also time and cost intensive, the options increase at home, and business class transportation is readily available, especially in larger cities. Whether a chauffeur is needed in London or a limousine pick up for a client in Berlin, Blacklane provides competent and quality transportation service in major European cities and capitals. The service is befitting for business executives who are accustomed to a certain standard, as well as for clients who can be transported in style in order to leave just the right impression to close a deal.

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