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Kathleen Moore

New programme could help businesses secure future growth

Self-sufficiency in businesses will be encouraged via a specially designed programme just launched in the North East.

The Interim Sales Director Programme (ISD) focuses on setting established businesses on the path for future growth and success.

Launched by The North East Business and Innovation Centre, in conjunction with David Anderson and DigitalCity Business, the programme also targets effective business growth strategies and selling skills.

David Anderson has spent more than 12 years as a sales and marketing director before working for himself as an independent consultant.

He said:“Being involved for the past three years in the development and delivery of the programme for DigitalCity we are thrilled to be able to expand what we are doing with the BIC and offer businesses all over the North East the chance to develop.

“The BIC and DigitalCity are innovative and open-minded organisations that support real world initiatives like this.

“Many organisations have benefited from our involvement and it is fantastic that we are expanding this proven process to a wider catchment.

“We are looking for established businesses which want to move up to the next level and have the potential to grow but are a bit unsure on how to take that next step.

“It’s important to point out that this programme is open to all businesses in the North East, without sector specific limitations that are ultimately looking for high growth.

“The programmes is not about putting a salesperson into the business, but rather draw the salesperson out of the business.

“Unfortunately all too often businesses stagnate because they are afraid to invest in their own development.

“An initial investment of £2K is required so all partners have a vested interest in seeing the company succeed and the participants will see the return on growth.

“So in the spirit of nothing ventured nothing gained please do get in touch.”

Cedrec have recently joined the programme, Steven Armstrong, director said: “Here at Cedrec we do a lot of good of things, nonetheless we all come from a technical and legal background and our expertise lies there not in sales, whereas David’s is and this allows us to take a step back and evaluate not only what we do but why we do it.

“I would recommend any business which has potential for growth to join the programme, it’s just the beginning of our journey together but we have already seen the benefits so far.”

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