The pros and cons of business travel

Travelling for business purposes has its own pros and cons. The most popular methods of transport within the UK are car hire, train or air travel, but it’s essential to consider cost and practicality.

The cost of car hire is very cheap; for a week you can rent a car online with http://hertz.co.uk for around £110, but don’t forget the cost of petrol to get you to your destination. It’s very comfortable and means you can adjust the temperature or noise level to suit your needs. If you’re travelling with another person you can take it in turns at the wheel allowing you to have a rest. Although if you’re travelling alone you will need to schedule time for rest stops as well as factoring in potential delays.

Air travel is a speedy way to travel, especially if you’re going from one end of the UK to the other. Whilst comfort may be limiting and airport security a bit of a faff, don’t forget your journey will be quick and even relatively cheap. If you want the cheapest flight it’s a good idea to look on sites like Travel Supermarket; a return flight from London Heathrow to Glasgow airport may set you back around £110 from British Airways. The only problem with air travel is the possibility of cancellation or a delayed flight which can be very debilitating if you need to arrive at a meeting.

National Rail has tickets for a similar journey if you want to travel by train; railway stations are usually much more central, perfect for reaching the office. Travelling by train can be practical for those of you who need to catch up on some work, and you have the option to sit in first class and use the internet without the faff of checking in and security measures. Travel by train, however can be slow and also quite expensive if you don’t book in advance, whilst there is still the worry of delays and cancellations.

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