Is your Web Design Suited to your Core Users?
Jon Celeste

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Is your web design suited to your users?

In the ever-changing game of online business everyone, from the biggest businesses to the smallest independent firms, is trying their best to connect with web users.

The problem is, in reality there is no such thing as a web user. There are only people who use the web. Each of them is unique, though they can be broadly collected and labelled into specific groups for pragmatic reasons of convenience – young men, over 55s, hipsters, bargain hunters, trendsetters, knowledge junkies, single mums, beach bums and everything in between. There are many ways of defining groups of people who are, at least in theory, looking for the same things. What’s important is that you take the time to figure out who your core users are, make some reasonable and considered assumptions about what they like, and then incorporate this deeply into the design of your website.

Defining your core users

In many cases its possible to make assumptions about who your key users are based on what it is that you are offering. For example, if you’re selling high-end alloy wheels and race-modified car parts, it’s unlikely that you’re on the radar of little old ladies. That said, you should always keep and open mind about who your customers are.

Market research in the form of online surveys are a great way of learning more about you customers, but take care not to annoy them in the process (pop-up windows upon entering the site fall into this category). Tools like Google Analytics can also help you learn more about the geographical location and browsing habits of your users.

Acting on what you know about your users

Once you have defined to the best of your ability who your core users are, you should put this into practice by tailoring your website design towards their tastes and needs. For example:

Creating concise content to cater for people who are always on the go (as well as making a mobile friendly version of your site) Using brighter and more energetic graphics in the case of younger audiences (within reason and sense), or toning it down for serious business-orientated users Keeping in mind the different cultures of international audiences if you’re multinational Offering accessibility options and larger text for older users, who are more likely to have vision problems

Give us a call today to ensure that your website meets the needs of your core users.

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