Pitbull Studio - an international success story

Pitbull Studio is an international video games developer working on future gaming technology that will be the bedrock for many games developers across the world to create the next generation of video games. These locally based international developers formed in 2010, led by industry veteran Robert Troughton who previously worked for Midway, Pitbull Syndicate, Scavenger and Reflections. Robert quickly pulled together a crack team of cutting edge developers and won the respect of Epic Games in the US.

The company has steadily increased in size over the last 3 years and over the last 6 months alone has grown from 30 to 39 employees. Robert Troughton, MD of Pitbull Studio, said, “We have grown considerably with some of the best talent in the industry and have had the opportunity to work on some truly great technology and fantastic games. This has largely been down to our enthusiastic, hardworking and supportive team. We have employees across Europe and work very closely with development studios worldwide.”

Pitbull Studio has most notably been working with US-based Epic Games to develop Unreal Engine 4. The previous generation of this engine was used in many of the top selling games of recent years – including Gears of War, Infinity Blade, Mass Effect and the Batman Arkham series. Along with this they’ve also been supporting other development studios – working on Gears of War: Judgment, Silent Hill: Downpour and several titles which they can’t talk about just yet. The studio is already signed up to work on the next-generation platforms from Sony (Playstation 4) and Microsoft (Xbox One) as well as all the existing platforms – Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC, iPhone/iPad/iPod, Android and more.

Pitbull are looking to grow further over the coming years – looking for more employees for their Sunderland base, as well as for their recently opened Guildford office. There seems to be no stopping them – with current expectations being that they’ll reach 50 employees before the end of 2013.

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