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Intuit Helps Small Businesses Save Time With QuickBooks 2014   Streamlined ‘One-Click’ Function Boosts Efficiency and Organisation

Intuit’s new QuickBooks 2014 accounting software launched today will help Britain’s small business owners free up time by boosting their admin efficiency and record organisation.

In response to customer feedback, QuickBooks 2014 includes updated features such as the new income tracker and improved document attachment functions, which will help small businesses complete financial tasks in fewer steps than ever before. The software is designed to help save time and money and aide collaboration with accountants, so they can spend more time building their businesses.

Intuit ‘s Sarah Gibson, project manager of QuickBooks 2014, said: “We understand that small business owners’ and accountants’ greatest asset is their time, so we’ve observed them using QuickBooks and taken steps to eliminate time-wasting procedures. Even the smallest timesavings can make a big difference over the course of a financial year. We hope QuickBooks 2014 will free them up to spend their time innovating and growing their companies.”

“QuickBooks helps us as a business as it makes accounting simple and stress free,” said John Macleod from Lux Creations Ltd. “The new income tracker allows us to see a real-time position of the business very quickly.”

The updates in QuickBooks 2014 include:

  • Attached Documents: Store all relevant documents inside QuickBooks for better-organised file management and record keeping. ‘Drag and drop’ any type of document into the programme and associate it with any transaction, or scan documents into QuickBooks.
  • Track Income in Real-Time: The new income tracker updates transaction data in real-time with no reports or data to gather. Users can take immediate action on transactions to get paid faster.
  • Copy/Paste Line: Minimize data entry previously endured by copy and pasting the entire line within transactions Customers no longer have to add each item individually into a transaction.
  • Print Reports to Fit: Customers can now print an entire report on one page with this option, instead of having reports spread over multiple pages.
  • Improved Email from within QuickBooks: Create and design email templates that can be auto-populated.
  • Track Email History: Users can now track any emails sent to customers, suppliers or employees without leaving QuickBooks, and so speeding up communication.

To further boost efficiency, Intuit has also addressed dozens of further user-requested improvements. For example, users now have one-click access to the most relevant and useful reports on each transaction with the Reports Ribbon, whereas before they would have to go through the reports menu to access them. Performance has also been improved in key areas to help users get in and out of their books faster, by speeding up file loading and transaction opening for instance.

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