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No to business bashing says Business Battle-axe

Amanda Vigar, Managing Partner of accountants V&A Group, which has offices in Holmfirth, Darlington and Peterborough, has welcomed Prime Minister David Cameron’s clarion support for entrepreneurs in his Conference Speech.

Amanda Vigar, the Business Battle-axe (, said: “Business bashing has become all too normal a game for some members of our political elite.Increasing taxation is not the way forward nor is wrapping our businesses up in increasing levels of regulation or bureaucracy, which is coming in ever greater bucket loads from the Brussels gravy train!

“Small and medium sized businesses are the very life-blood of our economy and creating the environment, or the ‘land of opportunity’ as Cameron has put it, to support them, is absolutely vital to our recovery. Profit, job and wealth creation and tax cuts are not elitist words but are crucial to our economy. Businesses employ people, put wages in peoples’ pockets and help us to buy things, which all gets the economy moving again! To punish businesses by raising taxation and stifling them with more bureaucracy, particularly at a time of fragile recovery, is total and utter madness!”

Amanda added: “The Coalition is not perfect and still has a way to go before getting the economy firmly back on the right track, but at least there is a mood of positivity when it comes to backing and not blasting business!”

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