For cross-channel business trips, are ferries the smarter way to Travel?

Overseas business travel is an unavoidable part of life for the modern professional, and many a businessperson can find themselves at the mercy of cramped and noisy planes and trains, inconvenient departure times and limited facilities, adding considerable stress to the journey.

With this in mind, could the oft-neglected ferry service provide a more convenient alternative? DFDS Seaways think so, and with their new ‘Smarter Way To Travel’ tool, they’re aiming to highlight the key advantages of connecting to the rest of Europe by sea.

No leg room? No problem!

One of the main problems of travelling on a train or plane is that you’re essentially confined to a single seat with nowhere else to go. If you want to stretch your legs you can walk along the aisle and back, and that’s about it. On a ferry, however, you’re free to take in some fresh air on the deck, kick back in a spacious lounge area or enjoy some refreshments in the bar.

In addition to being more enjoyable, this can afford business travellers a bit of flexibility for getting work done during the journey, as well as providing more space for colleagues to sit together. Any regular traveller will attest that being wedged between a teenage couple and a screaming child on a train or plane is seldom conducive to a particularly fruitful last-minute brainstorm session.

Planes and trains are also notorious for offering low-quality meals during the journey, whereas most ferry services now include onboard restaurants with a wider variety of dining options, plus shops and bars offering lighter snacks.

Bring your own vehicle

Another considerable advantage of ferry travel is the option of bringing your own vehicle with you. Instead of having to organise taxis or trains to get to your meeting, you can simply hit the road at your own convenience. Most ferry services also offer higher baggage capacity, which is useful for longer trips.

For longer journeys you can also book an onboard cabin, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a good night’s sleep and a shower, helping you to enter your meeting feeling rested and refreshed. This also means you don’t have to spend the entire journey in your suit.

Slower, but Smarter?

With the Smarter Way To Travel tool, DFDS Seaways has attempted to switch the conversation about business travel away from speed, putting a greater focus on comfort and convenience. The ferry does take longer to get to where you need to be, but in many ways the quality of your journey is much improved – which could have a significant impact on your effectiveness of your business pitch. It may not be the right answer for every trip, but if you’ve come to dread the usual cross-channel hamster wheel, why not treat yourself to a more relaxing journey once in a while?

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