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Sustainable food sources needed to counteract global population growth

As the world’s population gets bigger, so our food sources become an even bigger topic of discussion than before.

A rapidly growing global population requires food sources that are efficient, as well as sustainable. This in turn requires further examination of how we manage our food sources.

Naturally, the future of food is something of an interest to a company like SABMiller who depend on crops like maize, barley and sorghum to maintain output of their products.

So, the solution is not to do away with large-scale producers who can consistently deliver high volumes of product - rather, incorporate small-scale producers into an existing business framework.

As infrastructure in the developing world improves constantly, space has been made in the economic ecosystem for both small and large scale producers. Whilst both have their pro’s and cons, integrating both into a world where food security continues to be a point of discussion will only serve to benefit all parties involved.

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