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Bidding reaches over £100k as Mike Ashley goes up for auction

Bidding has surpassed £100k on a joke listing of Newcastle United and Sports Direct owner Mike Ashley on ebay.

The listing was made following Newcastle’s defeat at home to Sunderland this weekend, and has so far attracted significant attention with over 150 bids.

The auction pokes fun at Ashley, including the title, which reads: “Newcastle United Owner Mike Ashley XXXL.”

Wallsend-based seller ‘discodiestonight’ has also detailed a vitriolic description of the goods which calls Ashley a “parasite” and calls for change.

The description reads:

“Since Mike Ashley took over Newcastle United in 2007, the fortunes of the club have gone from bad to worse. During his reign, we’ve had:

One Relegation. One ’Top Five’ finish in the time he’s been here. The hirings of Joe Kinnear and Denis Wise. Publicly besmirching former players Kevin Keegan and Alan Shearer A transfer policy which dictates that we sell our best players with next to no investment for replacements. The club admitting they have zero ambition to compete in any way, shape or form. Lost revenue (asset stripping) due to using Sports Direct in any advertising space in the stadium and not paying for it. Any cash from the club goes straight to Mike Ashley and not the club itself.

Basically, the man is a parasite who has turned Newcastle United into a ’selling club’ but instead of investing the money back, he asset-strips it. This isn’t good enough and it’s Time4Change.“

This was posted in Bdaily's Members' News section by Tom Keighley .

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