Rob Utton of NatWest with and Sue Eastham, Siobhan Caffery, Dan Eastham, Alex Caffery  and Jaye Caf
Clare Burnett

Three siblings become separate business owners with funding from NatWest

New business owner Alex Caffery, who has no prior experience in the trade, is now running a picture framing business in Richmond, and is following in the footsteps of her older siblings Siobhan Caffery and Dan Eastham, who each own businesses of their own.

Their parents, Barry and Sue Eastham also own four petrol forecourts businesses each with large convenience stores.

Alex is now running Greensleeves Picture Framing and Gallery in Richmond, North Yorkshire, older sister Siobhan is part of the new launch Shine Hair & Beauty business and brother Dan owns a busy hair salon, Talkingheads in Ripon which he has run for four years.

All the siblings presented a business plan to Rob Utton, their relationship manager at NatWest.

Alex has no picture framing experience and is learning the trade as she gets to know the business.

As she is also working towards a degree in Classics with the Open University, she will be relying on the expertise and experience of John Green, the previous owner.

John has run Greensleeves for 23 years, and has earned a well deserved reputation in the town for high quality work, which Alex intends to carry on. John has kindly offered to stay with Alex for a month to guide her through every aspect of picture framing.

In addition to the picture framing business there is a spacious Gallery at the premises on Gallowfields Trading Estate. Alex’s sister Jaye, a recent graduate with a degree in Psychology and a keen photographer will join her to run the Gallery.

Rob said “It’s lovely to see how Barry and Sue have supported their children by helping them with their businesses. I was happy to help with the purchase of Greensleeves, as well as supporting Siobhan is her new venture with Shine, and wish the family all the best for the future.”

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