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What are the business benefits of Amazon EC2 scalable cloud hosting?

Mark Jackson, sales manager at Perfect Image, discusses the business benefits of resizable compute capacity in the cloud using Amazon EC2 in a true cloud environment.

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, otherwise known as Amazon EC2, is a web service that provides resizable compute capacity in a true cloud environment. It’s designed to make the procurement, management and scaling of computing power easier for developers, system administrators and customers, meaning businesses can run more effectively and efficiently.

The term ‘elastic’ is the ability to expand and contract computing resources up and down easily without hassle. This helps businesses avoid having to physically set up or re-allocate hardware, saving time and money. EC2 provides you with compute resources that allow you to obtain and boot new servers in minutes, not days. All this computing power could be used to seamlessly extend your existing systems, be your entire IT server platform or run specific applications or services.

You can start and then terminate servers instantly using management tools and simple APIs, quickly scaling computing capacity up and down as your requirements change, and increase availability by deploying instances across multiple AWS worldwide locations.

With Amazon EC2 you pay only for the capacity you use. Imagine what would happen to a traditional IT department if traffic to a website doubled or tripled in a short period of time. Using Amazon EC2’s elastic load balancing and auto scaling features, you can automatically scale to meet these spikes, and be confident that if demand then decreases so will the resource and the cost.

In addition, because AWS is a true cloud environment, you can decide to spread the load across multiple worldwide zones for even greater resilience, keeping your business’ IT infrastructure lean and your computing costs low.

So whether you need one virtual server or thousands, either for a few hours or 24/7, a true cloud computing service through Amazon Web Services can stretch to your requirements. For further information on Amazon EC2 and how it could benefit your business, watch this short video blog:

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