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London tech startup received 500k investment to kickstart recruitment drive

London-based music composition company Jukedeck has received a £500k investment to help its plight to build the next generation of music creations.

The London startup uses algorithms that mimic real-life composers to allow uses to create original pieces of music.

Existing investors Cambridge Enterprise, the commercialisation arm of the University of Cambridge, have supplied the £500k boost, along with Cambridge Innovation Capital and the University EIS Fund.

Jukedeck, which is yet to properly launch, is in search of a CTO on its website and claims that the recruitment is due to continue.

Jukedeck doesn’t use loops, like some of its predecessors, but goes through the process a composer goes through, making decisions on a note-by-note basis.

Rex, a Cambridge music graduate and classical composer, says that one of the most exciting prospects is creating royalty-free music.

He told TechCity News that the technology could give every video on YouTube its own unique soundtrack which would resolve the copyright issues that currently plague many of the platform’s users.

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