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Kitchenware retailer Lakeland selects OrderDynamics to supercharge its service to customers

Lakeland, the home of creative kitchenware, has a mantra: ‘Success in business depends entirely on keeping customers happy.’ Yet, in the complex modern day of omni-channel retail, customer satisfaction and business success means understanding and immediately taking action on large quantities of data produced from systems across the organisation. Lakeland has therefore chosen the Dynamic Action solution from OrderDynamics to integrate its online and offline marketing, merchandising, operations and returns data to identify actions to improve the experience it offers its customers and enhance profit.

With 68 stores in the UK, nine in the Middle East, a world-class website experience, iPad catalogues and mobile web, Lakeland has for many years presented their customers leading edge offerings such as Click & Collect that uses real time store stock data, contactless payments in stores and next-day delivery for orders placed online and in-store. By using Dynamic Action from OrderDynamics, Lakeland is now able to take these offerings a step further by connecting data across the entire customer experience – from first touch to fulfilment – to ensure that no opportunity to make customers happy is missed.

Having thousands of products onsite with hundreds of thousands of visitors per week, Lakeland’s servers present tens of millions of pages to customers each month. Ensuring that every one of these interactions is exceptional and that each marketing investment is being optimised creates a serious challenge. Management reporting usually comprises aggregated and averaged KPIs, underneath which a myriad of issues can be hidden. The Dynamic Action solution detects signals in this noise and converts these into specific action lists, prioritised by impact on profit.

“Retail is becoming increasingly complex with interactions across advertising, merchandising, segmentation, personalisation and promotion. It is getting harder and harder for the modern shopkeeper to work out cause and effect and to know which challenge to tackle first,” says Lakeland marketing director Tony Preedy. “Dynamic Action will allow Lakeland to garner the deep insight needed to optimise our operation, striking a balance between sales and cost to drive greater profitability. Being able to see and take action on all of your data holistically is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s necessary to enable customers to be served well and, I think, is critical to the success of omni-channel retail organisations.”

“Lakeland’s global success rests on its philosophy that if you look after the customer, the business will look after itself,” says John Squire, President of OrderDynamics. “We share this view and know that the key is understanding and taking action on data to keep up with expectations on inventory, delivery and returns. It’s impossible for retail teams to manually pore over reams of data, to figure out how to sell more products, and sell them profitably. We eliminate all that complexity and deliver intelligent actions into Lakeland’s hands.”

Already making a difference for retail brands across 33 countries, Dynamic Action translates big data into prescriptive, profitable actions. Delivered via the cloud, the solution proposes dynamic recommendations that minimise the risk of losing sales, drive improved merchandising and increase revenue. Recommendations are prioritised based on their potential profit to the company.

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