Peter Wilkinson, CEO of the InTechnology group
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Harrogate’s InTechnology wifi spinoff celebrates successful first year at UK festivals

Harrogate-based InTechnology is celebrating the one year anniversary of their spinoff business, InTechnology Wifi, as it successfully completed contracts at major UK festivals such as T in the Park and the British Summer Time festivals.

InTechnology CEO Peter Wilkinson first founded InTechnology Wifi in 2013 to overcome the challenge of creating network capacity in high density areas to enable, for example, stadiums to increase fan engagement or councils to encourage business investment and empower their residents.

IntechnologyWiFis is built on the successes of its parent company, the InTechnology group, from which it received its funding.

InTechnology also funded the purchase of Alvarion, a state- of-the-art WiFi manufacturing company, enabling intechnologyWiFi to offer an end-to-end WiFi solution more comprehensive than any other solution available in the UK: the solution includes not just the WiFi deployment but also backhaul, data storage, a tailored app, content delivery ongoing software development and 24/7 support.

The company also designs and builds the branded apps that are a key part of the solution, along with tailored content to provide its customers with new commercial opportunities.

Peter Wilkinson said: “Yorkshire is an ideal place to launch SMEs as the market isn’t dominated by one big player. I’ve been launching, and growing, successful businesses in the region for over 30 years and it’s great to have seen the labour pool grow as more people realise the area’s benefits.

“We’ve also been able to contribute to the community, and see those contributions first hand, not just in terms of employment, but also through our services.

“Following the launch of InTechnologyWiFi, my dream is to provide a great WiFi solution in towns and cities across Yorkshire, for free. Yorkshire successfully competes with other areas of the country, and we want to be part of, and help drive, that success for many years to come.”

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