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Greater Manchester entrepreneurial couple to celebrate Valentines Day with £1 million franchise turnover

A Greater Manchester entrepreneurial couple will celebrate Valentines Day with over £1 million turnover from their franchise business.

The couple quit their jobs 9 years ago to start a career in Avon and boast a team across the UK of over 1,400 Representatives.

In 2014 the couple made £142,678.83 compared to £124,729.77 in 2013- an increase of £17,949.06.

The couple said that although they are self employed and run their own business they have the benefit of the backing of a major company in Avon Cosmetics.

It cost them a minimal amount to set up and the couple say their main investment was their time.

Nadine said: “If you had told me we would be in this position 10 years ago, I’d have laughed

“The secret is definitely working together as a married couple.

“We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and we’re genuinely best friends.”

“Since we started we have just grown and grown, because we work so well together.

“We would encourage people not just to start Avon, but to definitely consider joining forces with their partner for bigger success.

“After all – who knows you better? If you can make a relationship work, a business will be a breeze

“As we were both working full-time when we started our Avon business, the biggest challenge we faced was time management.

“But as we have proved, it is possible to grow a successful business around full-time jobs or other commitments as long as you are driven and passionate about the business.

“The easiest thing about this business is helping people to earn money as an Avon Representative or Avon Sales Leader.

“We love to see people in our team progress and become successful themselves.


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