Clare's Squares: Oreo Brownie
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Entrepreneurial Newcastle University student launches online baking startup

Third year Newcastle University student Clare Fearon has launched an online bakery store, Clare’s Squares, exporting traybakes to as far across the globe as Japan.

Clare, who originally hails from Nottingham, has always had a passion for baking. Ensuring this passion wasn’t lost, Clare founded Newcastle University’s baking society, which has since grown to over 250 members.

Her culinary creations instantly proved popular with peers. Following an array of positive feedback and calls to sell her stock, the enterprising biology undergraduate decided to start a business. In september, Clare set up stall by creating a page on peer-to-peer ecommerce website Etsy.

Offering a variety of traybakes made fresh to order, Clare’s squares are designed to fit through a letterbox to ensure delivery is as easy and accessible as possible.

A multitude of options are available, with produce ranging from brownies to cookies as well as bespoke creations being available upon request.

Whilst Clare has delivered her traybakes nationwide and beyond she is now looking for more local customers to add to her regulars. On top of balancing orders with the rigours of a final year at university, Clare is faced with the challenge of promoting her brand further and growing the business.

Hoping to stay in Newcastle after graduating this summer, Clare is applying to Newcastle University’s RiseUp programme, designed to help burgeoning young entrepreneurs and in some cases leading to £10k funding.

Clare told Bdaily: “I baked a lot in my halls of residence during my first year. To me, baking has always been the norm, I’ve always loved doing it. A lot of people told me that people would pay for what I bake so I thought why not and gave it a go!

“When I started Clare’s Squares last year I didn’t know quite what to expect but there’s always been enough to keep me busy!

“I experienced quite a boom in the run up to Christmas. It meant I had to bring all of my cooking things home to Nottingham with me on the train to cater for all of my orders. I think I’ll have to stay here for Easter!

“I’ve love takings orders. It amazes me that I’ve shipped my treats to beyond the UK. I’ve sent things to Austria, Italy and even Japan! I’m excited by what’s next.”

To make an order or to contact Clare visit or alternatively order straight from her marketplace

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