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Why do Cyberbullies indulge in Cyberbullying?

Cyber bullying is a menace which affects the youth of today. Teenagers are very well aware of it with a number of them engaging in the act as well. When asked what the reasons were behind engaging in cyber bullying, a number of responses were recorded.

Some stated that they did it to hurt the other person because they believed they deserved it, possibly because they had done something to them and wished to get revenge. It was a means of getting back at the person. Other reasons included to simply be mean to the person and to show their power while other reasons also included engaging in it for fun and to enjoy with friends as it was also considered a way to impress friends. Furthermore, some did it to embarrass the person, probably someone they did not like. Cyber bullying is another type of bullying through which the youth assert their dominance.

Infographic Source: TheOneSpy Blog

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