5 things every small business should do
Helen Jackson

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5 things every small business should do

You have a website, now what? We’ve gathered the top five things we think every small business should be doing!

Firstly, create a company blog

Creating and more importantly maintaining a company blog, can be a great tool to increase your brand’s visibility on Google. As long as you’re sharing quality, relevant content, you’re onto a winner. Be sure not to cram keyword after keyword after keyword into your posts, just write naturally about industry news, new products etc. It’s also important you don’t solely promote your products, If you do, what reason are you giving your users to come back and view your content again? If your brand becomes synonymous with interesting and insightful content, your users will come back for more!

Be sociable on social media

According to the Digital Marketing Magazine, three out of four consumers consult social media before buying, this statistic highlights why it is now more important than ever to keep your brand socially active. Creating a social community can do wonders for your brand, constantly feeding your followers interesting news can help keep your services or products at the forefront of their mind for future purchasing decisions.

Analyse your competition

It’s so important to clue up on your competitors tactics. What are they doing better than you and how are they doing it? If they have great interaction with their social media audience, adapt their strategy to suit your USPs. Find out who is ranking organically for the keywords you desire and see what you can learn from them. If you don’t keep on top of your competition, you lose the ability to confidently benchmark your service or product offering.

Get Google Analytics

Google provide a fantastic Analytics platform, and the best part? The basic version is still free! Injecting the Analytics code into each one of your website pages, helps you track all traffic to your website. Want to know whether your visitors are new or returning, which pages are getting the most traffic, or what device they’re using to access your site? Google Analytics will provide you with all this information and A LOT more. You can amend your pages and monitor the user interest levels with minimal fuss, an easy way to keep on top of your website’s performance.

Mobilise your website

You may have heard people frantically talking about ‘Mobilegeddon’, the latest Google Update concerning mobile-friendly websites. It’s simple, your website needs to be mobile optimised. Once your site is mobile-friendly, Google will favour you and rank you higher in search results. Google is focused on creating exceptional user experience and as a business, you should be too!

If your site isn’t optimised for mobile phones, you could see a dramatic decline in traffic as a result. If you have any queries about mobile optimisation or online marketing in general, contact us at Push Beyond and we can discuss all your business’ digital marketing and design needs.

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