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Hosting multiple websites made easy for agencies

eCommerce agencies are now able to host multiple websites for their clients more easily with a new web hosting system.

Manchester-based hosting company 34SP.com, has worked closely with expert web designers and web developers, and has spoken with businesses that work in eCommerce to hone in on what is really needed for agencies that run more than one website at a time.

The Reseller Hosting product combines new hardware and a proprietary backend system created by the 34SP.com team, which has boosted response times of servers and a greater amount of storage. The new system has a 350 per cent increase in speed of writing data compared to other products, and boosted response times of servers and a larger amount of storage makes it great for managing numerous eCommerce businesses from one place.

As well as this, it allows users to choose how server resources are allocated, and decide the setup specifications for individual domains under their reseller account. This is great news for those that have multiple domains.

Daniel Foster, co-founder and technical director at 34SP.com, said: “We have offered reseller products for a while now but we felt it needed a bit of a makeover. After talking with our customers and the wider team we have produced a product that designers, digital agencies, and businesses alike will find suitable for hosting.

“The Reseller Hosting product allows you to have multiple sites up and running whenever you need them. For small or medium sized businesses that might have more than one website that they host themselves, this is ideal because you can manage them all in one place.”

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