No More Support For Eclipse Android
Jake Moses

No More Support For Eclipse Android App Development Tools- Google

The hype is created in entire android app development community about Google’s Android studio. This streamlined tools set brings everything for android developers and it has been a brilliant IDE since its releasing date (last December).

The integrated development environment or IDE has been stabilized by Google as per the announcement they made in 2013 and now, company feels ready to put all its efforts into Android Studio. Google just made an announcement that it will no longer support a few developing tools- the Eclipse Android development tools plugin and Android Ant build system.

The whole process of implementing changes will take time and will get live at the end of 2015. The rest of the standalone tools will be migrated to Android Studio by Google in next few months, so, there is less time remaining. Till then, android developers can download Android Studio and import their developed projects to advanced sophisticated IDE as per Google advice.

ADT was very interesting for developers as it empowered them to set up Android app development projects, design distinct ranges of user interfaces for apps and run debug processes. The con side of ADT was that users or developers had to install special plugins to use it for certain tasks and functions.

With Android Studio, developers can build apps for multiple android gadgets including wearables, tv, vehicles, etc. So, developers are also encouraged to import their projects in Android Studio from Eclipse. This migration is easy as most developers can simply install android studio and import their Eclipse projects to it. The tech team is specialized in Studio development to deliver great user experience on a unified development environment. This is why the management team suggested developers to migrate their Eclipse projects to Android Studio in case it is pending.

It is final from Google’s side that Android Studio will be undergone few changes and there will be no longer support for ADT plugin in Eclipse. Using this latest android app development suite, developers can skip the installation of plugins for device-specific features. The suite will enable them to intend apps for multi-platforms and devices.

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