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Apple’s WatchOS 2 Make App Development Easier

Last spring saw the launch of Apple Watch which made the company make a huge name for itself in the wearable industry. Come September 16, watchOS 2 will be shipped across several stores worldwide along with some new Apple Watch models too.

The all new watchOS 2, unlike its predecessor will allow the device to function on its own without being paired with an iPhone. With some great features and functionalities stored in it, one can expect it to be the next big thing in the tech industry.

What is watchOS exactly?

Just as iOS is to iPad and iPhone, watchOS is to Apple Watch where it is the operating system and related software which helps you see the clock face, launching and running of apps, allowing notifications and almost everything you can do with the device.

Let us look at some of the new and innovative features that this device has to offer:

1. User generated faces and native apps – This is one of the best and biggest ones as the new watchOS 2 allows app developers to make standalone apps without having to link the wristwatch to the iPhone. All types of applications will now run independently on the watchOS 2 and both users and developers will be able to create new watch faces from their stored photographs. Another aspect which was revealed at the WWDC 2015 was the animated timelapse faces where the New York, Hong Kong and London skylines were shown.

2. Time Travel – This feature will allow the device’s digital crown to ‘turn back time’ and check out information which was shown at any specific moment. Knowing what time a message came or what time a stock price increased will now be made easy.

3. Complications – Widget-like items which offer added information and can be seen near the time display are some of the complications which can now be developed by app developers for the new Apple Watch. Users will now be able to get football scores, bus routes and timings, car battery level details and much more easily.

4. Watch Connectivity – The timepiece receives several more connectivity options with the help of this feature. For example a new Tetherless WiFi feature in watchOS 2 will allow the device to communicate with known WiFi spots directly. So even if the Watch is not within the iPhone’s range it will still be able to stay up-to-date.

5. Alarm Clock – The Watch will now function as an alarm clock too and the display will rotate while the device will sit on its edge allowing the user to use snooze and stop controls.

6. Security – Only the user or the concerned app will be able to access any kind of sensitive data when the Watch is unlocked or on the wrist.

7. Added features – Data collection in several forms, data presentation in several forms and the device initiating network connection with far-away servers are some of the added features.

Relationship between iPhone App and Apple Watch

It is important to understand that the watch app is not a replacement for the iPhone app but corresponds to it. Having different objectives and meeting unique user experiences, both the Watch and iPhone cannot be exchanged for each other. The watch must not be considered a miniature version of the iPhone app. Its main purpose is to allow the user to access all important data and key features without depending on the iPhone. The Watch will allow the user to use all the key data which could include primary actions and commands and quick responses and replies to name a few. However, all the long running operations which run actively in the background are suited for the iPhone app only making the Watch an indispensible part of the iPhone.

It seems Apple has been trying more than ever now to create an Apple ecosystem that encompasses everything digital in our life. While that strategy can mean more Apple fans and loyals the company’s fold, it can also backfire pretty quickly. For now, Apple’s known for its innovation and something that the company is striving to protect, immensely.

With the launch of the watchOS 2, iOS app developers can now lay their hands on a huge range of opportunities and achieve a lot more with their apps. We should witness some native apps for the Watch in the near future, especially with more updates of the Watch to follow soon.

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