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Love and Hate Relationship with Nuclear Powers

We cannot deny the contribution of nuclear energy in our present lives. Medically, it has been used to further strengthen the realms of science. Its elements have been helpful in many successful experiments and with the continuous search for knowledge, it has been reviewed as one of the elements of nature which can open doors to great possibilities and widen human understanding on life forms. Perhaps, nuclear is one of components of nature which can solve great mysteries and answer life-long questions.

However, time and again, we are reminded of its capabilities when not handled properly. One minute we awe of its prowess, next minute, we despise the use of it in the expense of innocent victims who might have died before their time.

Chernobyl, Fukushima, Nagasaki, Hiroshima. These are the “accidents” which claimed millions of lives in total, most of them civilians. We commemorate their anniversaries since it is rare to be hit by nuclear bombs or get blasted in a nuclear plant.

Then, just as people should be doing, we continue living. When finally the fear subsides, when insurance has paid off the damages, when the government has paid respects to the families left behind, when the city of Tokyo and Yokohama in Japan and the Soviet Union have finally cleared the remnants off the streets, we get back to applauding nuclear powers.

Yet, once again, as we are facing another threat of war declared by ISIS forces which have emphasized death to those who would hinder their path of total control, we fear the use of the greatest weapon known to human kind: nuclear.

Different governments and organizations are on the move to dispel anyone who is suspected of smuggling nuclear contaminates to ISIS force. Every movement the authorities make, every little allegations make it to headline news.

We are currently informed of the latest news: a group of people were caught and suspected of doing fraudulent negotiation with ISIS members, taking advantage of the situation and selling cache of deadly cesium – a very powerful powder used for production of the weapon of mass destruction. Later on, we are informed that it was all a hoax. Those on top do not realize the loopholes on these panic-stricken raids.

Authorities pounce on suspects in the early stages of a deal, giving the ringleaders a chance to escape with their nuclear contraband — an indication that the threat from the nuclear black market in discreet areas is far from under control.

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