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Price of Gold Rises to 13-Month High

Gold is an investment option for anyone who wants to have a product that will sustain its value and increase over time. If you have been planning on investing in gold, consider doing it sooner rather than later because its price has been steadily climbing over the last couple of years. In fact, the price of gold has risen to a 13-month high, so if you wait too long, the price may become too expensive for you to afford. But if you get in on the market now, you can watch your money grow. Continue reading to learn more.

The Facts About the Price of Gold

Experts were amazed with how high the price of gold was in February 2016, but by March, it quickly became clear that it was higher than it had been over the last year. The metal’s price peaked at a whopping $1,279.60 per ounce. This price had been the highest since February of last year, but then the price started slipping again, allowing more investors to get into the market more affordably while waiting for the price to rise again. After all, these gold price fluctuations, just like stock prices, are normal and to be expected.

The Reason for the Rise in Gold Prices and Gold Investments

Even though gold investors are really happy with the gains that they have made in the recent past, there are still a lot of people who may be wondering why the price of gold has been steadily increasing so much over the last year.

Basically, when there is global instability or doubts about the markets, the value of paper currencies around the globe falter while the price of gold goes up. And this is what has been happening recently, especially since there have been signs that European economies might embark upon policies that would take benchmarked interest rates even further down into the negative territory.

These policies have been beneficial to gold because they are so unconventional. And because investors have been afraid to invest, the markets have suffered while gold has gained. In addition to Europe, the US, too, has experienced some changes that have encouraged investments into gold. In particular, a lower interest rate financial environment has been encouraging more investors to pull out of traditional investments and to move into non-interest bearing options like gold.

Investing in Gold is Easy Through Global Intergold

If you know how to invest in gold properly, you can do so easily and within a really short amount of time. In fact, you can invest in gold online with a convenient gold shop, where buyers and sellers interact to trade gold with one another.

Only time will really tell if the price of gold will continue to rise or if it will fall, but experts agree that right now is a great time to invest in gold. And even if the price does slip, rest assured that it is guaranteed to eventually go up again because gold never really loses its value.

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