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Student Successfully Launches Political Debate Platform With £40,000

Young people are historically disengaged in politics. With an increasing number of issues affecting this age bracket i.e Tuition fees it is only right that we aim to dispel the ignorance that is rife amongst young people. I saw this problem amongst many of my peers.

Most people want the both sides of the argument without the bias that comes from political sound bites. Just Debate is a ‘Bitesize’ type political website that aims to portray all sides in contentious political debates and present it in a completely impartial manner. Our end goal is to increase our nations political participation, so the simplicity and short length of our articles is vital in attracting readers.

I originally thought of the idea upon discovering how extremely politically bias some individuals are due to one main source of information. Many people simply read the Daily Mail or the Guardian and form that opinion. If we bring together all the bias arguments from both sides of a debate, we are able to give readers a chance to be informed and make up their mind on the matter.

The goal of Just Debate is to present each contentious political issue in a simple and impartial manner. With both sides illustrated, young people will have the ability to form their own political opinions and allegiances.

With a newly engaged sect of the electorate, politicians will not only be held moreto account but they will also start to listen to tomorrow’s leaders. The youth of today are the future and by engaging them politically.

As a politics student at the University of Birmingham I am passionate about the issue of political apathy. I have worked tireless over the past two and a half years to establish and develop my website. I managed to acquire a £40,000 investment and form a team of 40 journalists and specialists, all of whom share my dream of quelling the threat of declining youth participation in politics.

I was proud to launch the first official demo of justdebate.co.uk on Wednesday the 16th of March live on my student radio show with over 1000 listeners tuning in. More features will be coming in the months to come, making politics even easier to access and interact with.

For further interviews and information about my site, please call 07935762225, email BFisher@Justdebate.co.uk. Our website can be found at www.justdebate.co.uk

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