6 Tips to Deploy Your Mobile App
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6 Tips to Deploy Your Mobile App

In this modern and technical scenario, we live in a totally app-based world. In fact, several researches have shown that half of the U.S population now owns a smart phone. Today, almost all the enterprises are fully embracing the mobile apps which are mostly consumer oriented. According to the current Forester report, the agencies in future would be more focused on developing and enhancing the citizen experience with mobiles. People want to access the information related to their interest, with same personalization and user-friendly interfaces which they have been using for over a long period of time and with which they have become habitual. Here are some top tips by which you can successfully deploy any mobile applications.

1. INTERACTING AND LISTENING TO YOUR AUDIENCE - Always keep in mind where is the most frequent concentration of the users prevails. For example, the ones who are living in the US, a customized and a local version of the app would do. Creating a dynamic content and receiving an appropriate feedback will also help increase virality. Build an application which the users wish to use.

2. SELECT APPROPRIATE DISTRIBUTION PLATFORMS - Platforms such as MOBAGE, GAME CENTER from APPLE tap into existing users and social features of the mobile app. Apart from this third party downloads are a good way to boost downloads.

  • This is because many enterprises need to build and successfully deploy a mobile app for multiple mobile platforms which can be streamlined using the third-party app store.
  • Private application stores facilitate the enterprises to include management of approved third party apps ensuring that that only the apps which are approved by the company are installed on the mobile devices.

3. INSTALL WITH SECURITY IN MIND - Whether you are evaluating any mobile application, keep in mind the security which designed specifically for the mobile. This will enable successful mobile threat detection and as and when security demands. Security systems enabled for your mobile can protect your application against the most powerful hacking practices.

4. IDENTIFY MOBILE MATURITY - Even though, operations of mobile devices have been widely accepted by all. However, its accepted use is still a new concept.

  • You can consider championing the mobile for addressing a key business issue or any other process which involves emerging a totally new concept using mobile applications.
  • With the successful accomplishment of the above tasks, you can switch to use agency-wide business processes for your business units and think of expanding them via mobile apps.

5. TRIUMPH OVER IT CHALLENGES - API TIERS can help to cater to and meet the demands of your end users very swiftly. In fact, API-tiers can also help to make legal apps more mobile friendly. They provide quick access to information ad security systems.

6. PORTING THE APPLICATIONS - In case third party applications are not easily available; you can also port a legal application which is one of the best, simple and resource intensive way to make it appear on the mobile devices which is undoubtedly easier than developing an entirely new mobile version of the application from the very beginning.

Porting is also a very congenial way to make a version of an application developed for a single platform for example IOS or ANDROID. Porting is a practice which easier said than done and usually involves a lot of coding and reworking the interface for a small screen.

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