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Preparing Your Home For Rental

Every once in a while we get a leaflet through the doors about renting out a personal storage in London . The property containing a four bed flat near the city, certainly seems very desirable! Quite a few of the neighbours have decided to put their properties up for rent and move away to brighter and greener pastures.

Some have new homes, whether it is upsizing or downsizing, whilst others have simply left everything (in storage) to travel and so forth. In this case it’s great packing up and storing away, but what if you are renting your property? Should you leave anything behind?

Having a furnished home can be more attractive to the renter than unfurnished, especially short term lets. It allows the tenant to simply move in and may mean you rent out at a slightly higher rate. So in this case the basics or essentials are ideal. For example, cooker, fridge freezer, beds, wardrobes and drawers.

However a definite no no would be to leave behind valuable possessions, whether it be furniture, white goods or what not. If they are of value to you then take it with you or store them away until you decide what to do.

You may not want to leave broken or unusable furniture behind (for tenants) as a way of disposing it. Chances are you may get tenants who ask (or hassle) you for replacements – a headache no one wants.

Ideally sit down and think about what can stay and what you want to take with you. Consider what your next step is and whether that certain possession is something you need or even want anymore. In some cases it may just be about starting again.

Obviously a bit of cosmetics in your home won’t hurt. Cleaning, painting decorating will all add to the overall look not to mention rental value of the property. Add this with the location of the property and the type of tenants your after you could not only cash in, but basically find someone to look after your home until the time is right to progress further, such as selling on.

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