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Per Wickstrom Reflects on Real World Struggles to Improve your Marketing Mindset

The internet is rife with blog posts teaching you how to be a better marketer with specific methods and techniques that are “guaranteed” to generate X amount of traffic for your website or X amount of leads.

However, not many people address the mindset that successful marketers employ to perform better than most of the competition. Per Wickstrom, founder and CEO of several rehabilitation clinics throughout the country, sat down with us to discuss some real world challenges that most people have encountered, and which can be used as motivation to improve your own marketing mindset:

1. Getting Hired at Your First Job

“Do you remember that feeling you had when you were applying for what would become your first job? You had literally no work experience, and yet there you were trying to sell yourself to a hiring manager in the hopes that they’d like you enough to give you a shot. A successful marketing mindset feels a lot like that moment. If you can carry that type of effort and exploration into all of your campaigns you’ll find that your approach will become more aggressive and you’ll challenge yourself to impress your clients, customers, and site visitors. In essence, you want to pretend as though every impression is the first impression.”

2. Paying the Bills on Time

One huge mistake many novice marketers make is failing to create a schedule and seriously adhere to it. Per expounded on this saying: “Setting your own deadlines is important if you want to achieve anything close to optimal progress. If you really want to ensure that you’re putting maximum effort into meeting your own deadlines, pretend as if every milestone is equally important as paying your rent, mortgage, utility bill, or credit card bill. If you can remember what it felt like to have to pay all of your own bills for the first time, operate with the same sense of urgent responsibility as a marketer and you’ll wind up ahead of the game more often than not.”

3. Conquering Poor Time Management

As implied in the previous tip, being a good marketer is all about managing your time wisely. Per elaborated on that point with: “Many marketers who fail to reach their goals are being hindered by bad habits and activities that are consuming time that could be put towards furthering their career. Anyone who works from home or ‘makes their own hours’ is in danger of falling victim to complacency. At Serenity Point Recovery we’ve seen several addicts who were able to start their own businesses after recovering from addiction, and that’s directly because the dependency was destroying their ability to manage their time and money responsibly.”

It’s Better Not to Struggle at All

Although many people have struggled with the above three aspects of life at one point or another, most of us have managed to get past these challenges to lead stable and productive lives. If you can view the process of becoming an efficient marketer in the same light, then it becomes easier to operate in a mindset that is conducive to success.

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