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Business as usual post BREXIT

Award-winning British manufacturer Russell Roof Tiles was founded in 1965 and makes concrete roof tiles and accessories used widely by leading housebuilders across the UK. The multi-million pound business employs a team of 170 across its factories in Burton and one in near Lockerbie in Scotland.

Andrew Hayward, Managing Director of Russell Roof Tiles comments “In what was a remarkable result in the history of UK politics last Thursday it is important for all political and economic stakeholders to remain calm and reassuring to the British public over the next few months.

The build up to the referendum with statements and counter statements of what may or may not happen from both sides of the argument has left many in the UK concerned and confused.

There was never any doubt that should the UK vote to leave the EU and that Article 50 was invoked that there would be some short term economical upheaval and some knee jerk decision making.

However, it is important for all concerned to consider the current detailed economic and political facts as the UK continues its daily business.

In reality nothing has changed overnight and cannot for a considerable period of time which in my view I feel is a good thing to allow all concerned to de-emotionalise themselves from the rights/wrongs and various economic pre-vote projections and to concentrate on the best way forward for the country.

It is pleasing to see both the Governor of the Bank of England and the Chancellor attempting to reassure all that the UK is open for business and that they are working as efficiently as possible in their respective areas to advise all on the longer term economic strategy and position with our EU partners.

For our business` part we manufacture products for the construction industry which has the majority of our demand in UK Housing. Whilst the market has been recovering over the last three years it is still some way short of the 2008 crash and indeed some 30% lower than where it needs to be to meet Housing demand in the United Kingdom at 240,000 homes per annum.

The countries demographic has not suddenly changed in that people are still living longer, people are single longer, the divorce rate is still high and population growth via immigration or organically will still occur for many years to come and therefore the need for UK Housing is of paramount importance and demand.

We at Russell Roof Tiles are continuing to invest in new equipment at all three of our UK manufacturing points with equipment ostensibly of EU origin.

Additionally, we will continue to invest in our existing people and more importantly look to recruit staff in all our business areas for we firmly believe the UK construction market and in particular Housing will continue to improve for many years to come.

These decisions were already well advanced irrespective of a Brexit or Remain vote.

We firmly believe there is no reason to change our strategy in the wake of Brexit and will continue to support the UK construction industry with our products as well as creating job opportunities for the many.“

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