Scanable code revolutionises the delivery of online private documentation

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Scanable code revolutionises delivery of online documentation

Manchester-based, VST Enterprises, has partnered with market leading document management, storage and retrieval specialist, Docufile Solutions – part of Office-Tech Holdings Group – to unveil VDocs, the first in a series of intelligent document delivery and verification software.

Launching in September 2016, VDocs will utilise VST Enterprises’ innovative interactive scanable symbol technology, VCode, to provide businesses and users with a means of sending important information safely and securely, complete with end-to-end traceability and protection, in the form of a unique code.

Docufile-Solutions currently works with Ricoh and many other manufacturers, as well as being lead suppliers of print and security solutions to the Manchester Law Society.

Louis-James Davis, CEO of VST Enterprises, explains: “We’re living in an age where hacking and information theft are unfortunately common occurrences – whether that’s physical or online. It’s crucial, therefore, that a solution, like VDocs, is made available to professionals as a means of maintaining absolute privacy and control when sharing highly sensitive information online.

“Given the security clearance required, coupled with the end-to-end traceability capabilities of VDocs, this solution provides users with the confidence that their information will be seen by the intended people – a huge relief when dealing in the banking, medical, insurance and legal arenas, where privacy is key.”

To use VDocs, authors simply need to save their documents as normal, before ‘dragging’ them into the specially-designed VDocs portal, available on all desktop and smart-device platforms. Senders then specify the recipients’ details such as ID, company and location and press send.

If all security parameters are met including the recipients unique pin code or biometric, the app will allow the document to be opened and read. Such measures prevent the interception of personal details, contracts and medical records, for example, getting into the wrong hands.

Jason Dixon, owner and managing director of Docufile-Solutions, adds: “We were extremely impressed with the functionality of VCode, particularly its privacy settings and traceability, as well as the time-sensitive actions, such as seven days to reply from verification.

“Document protection continues to prove a difficult hurdle for lots of companies to overcome. However, when utilising VDocs all uncertainty and concerns are negated, and we’re excited to work with VST Enterprises and bring this offering to our customer’s inboxes!

“In this modern world of remote desktop and cloud solutions, where documents are sent via the cloud and into the ‘wilderness’, it can be incredibly tricky to monitor a document’s lifecycle or activity. VCodes afford the required traceability and audit trail required to understand where a document has been and if a person has tried to intercept it.

Davis concludes: “What’s more, appetite for VDocs extends beyond its traceability and security elements. We’ve also experienced demand for the solution from companies looking to cut down on their office paper uses, who will now trial VDocs as a means of sending documentation internally rather than printing it off.”

VCode allows users to scan codes from up to 100m, and at almost any angle, with a free, downloadable app on iOS or Android smart devices.

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