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North-East dentist extracts the fear factor with 'Nu' technology

A North-East dental surgeon is hoping to make the anxiety of going to the dentist a thing of the past by trailblazing a new-and-improved method of drug-free technology that makes visiting the dentist seem like a trip to a spa.

Three years ago, in a first for the North-East, Ewan Bramley introduced NuCalm to his dental practice and it has proved such a hit with patients at his North Shields surgery that he has invested in an updated and upgraded version of this pioneering neuroscience technology.

There are no drugs involved, its calming effects are felt within five minutes, it causes no significant side effects and requires no period of time afterwards for recuperation.

NuCalm uses four simple components that work together to bring patients into a deep state of relaxation and wears off immediately after treatment.

Dr Ewan Bramley, explains: “A topical cream is applied to the skin on the neck, above the right and left carotid arteries. This is designed to induce relaxation by counteracting adrenaline. Microcurrent stimulation patches are placed behind the ears. Most people feel nothing but this helps the relaxation process along.

“Our patients would then wear an eye mask to block visual stimuli and Headphones are used which play soothing music and block external noise. It really is quite remarkable.”

The heart rate and breathing slow down and legs and arms begin to feel heavy, although only those experiencing severe stress will drift into sleep. The more stressed or anxious the patient, the more profound the NuCalm effect.

Patients have described the experience as relaxing and therapeutic, even reporting a sense of euphoria, expressing surprise at how quickly their appointment seemed to go and in some cases forgetting they were even sitting in a dentist’s chair.

Here comes the science bit. Developed over eight years by leading neuroscientists, NuCalm is clinically proven to calm the brain within minutes, thereby reducing stress, by bringing beta brain wave function – associated with alertness – down to the alpha/theta ranges which are associated with relaxation.

NuCalm was developed originally for people suffering Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and has many other uses outside dentistry. For instance, it is used by professional athletes to keep their minds and bodies on an even keel and by people experiencing a stressful situation such as divorce.

NuCalm is a free service offered at Ewan Bramley Dental Care with every treatment.

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