PowerBall jackpot is a whopping $800 million
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American Powerball Lottery A Billion Dollar Business

The American Powerball lottery is the most popular lottery that is played in America, despite the fact that is has not been around as long as some other American lotteries. It can be played in 44 states and is managed by the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) which is a not for profit organization.

There are much more people that benefit from this lottery being played than just the winners. 50% of all the money that is made from the sale of the lottery tickets goes into the prize fund. 5% of this money is used for state lottery administration but the rest of it is used elsewhere and this is where other people begin to benefit.

5% of lottery sales are used to pay commission to the retailers that sell the tickets. This can provide a source of much needed income for smaller independent shops who may struggle to compete with larger grocery stores. It may enable them to stock a larger range of products for example and employ more members of staff. When people call in for a lottery ticket there is also the chance that they will buy some other goods as well and this can help to boost profits.

The remaining 40% of the money raised from ticket sales is given to the state government for them to spend as they wish. Most states choose to spend this on areas where funding is limited but greater investment in services is needed. Education tends to receive a lot of this money, as does care services for the elderly. It can make a real difference in areas where money is usually tight.

Advertising plays a big part in increasing the amount of the jackpot in every draw. Companies that produce advertising material such as poster and leaflets also benefit from the Powerball Lottery and this contract may form a large part of this business and help to sustain it.

When people buy a Powerball lottery ticket they are helping to support people in their local area. Even if you do not win you will still have made a difference and this is something you can be proud of. If you want to know where the money is going in the state that you are living in then you should contact the local government department.

The Powerball lottery is so popular that people in other countries also look for ways to play it. The rules state that only US citizens can buy tickets and claim prizes. Online lottery companies employ agents in the USA to buy these tickets on behalf of players from all over the world. If any prizes are won then these are collected by the agent and distributed amongst the players. When people play lotteries online in this way they are usually entered into a syndicate with other players and any winnings are shared among them equally. This means there is a better chance of winning a prize as you will be entering each draw with a high number of tickets while only paying for one entry.

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