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Boost Your Business Revenue With Mobile Friendly Website

Well, mobile has the strongest power and if your business has still not adopted mobile approach then undoubtedly you are losing the show. Today, 4 out of 5 minutes is spent in mobile. Highest search traffic is drawn from mobile search. Being handy is the biggest advantage that has encouraged more people towards its approach. If we talk about the internet enthu people, most of them would ditch websites over mobile as it does not leverage appealing layout. Majority business has incurred the huge loss because of the traditional website design banked up with a huge number of unwanted elements and features that degrades website performance.

So, how would you optimize your web attributes to get the best online benefits? Your prospective customers are finding you via the smartphone device. So the first step is to optimize your website first to make it responsive enough. But how will you do that? Today we will talk about the most crucial and significant element of your mobile business: i.e. Website. Let’s walk through the factors that will help you to convert your website into a mobile friendly website. The first question that strikes my mind is,

Why Should I Make My Site Mobile-Friendly?

1. Almost 60% of the overall population holds smartphones with them. So, they are holding such tiny computers to search and retrieve their queries.

2. If your site is mobile-friendly, smartphone conversion rates would be nearly 55-60% else it would slide down to 25-30% for an irresponsive site. Such a huge difference!

3. Majority business and enterprise fails to have the mobile friendly website.

So, if you want to walk ahead and win the game then being mobile-friendly is the only alternative.

What Does Responsive Site Actually Means?

The first thing that you can assure from a responsive website is “More Customers”. Customers are too impatient in nature. The majority of the customers will switch to another site if it takes more than 2 minutes to load. So to make users stay on your website for long, you need to make your site mobile friendly.

How Can I Make My Site Mobile-Friendly?

Here are some tips shared by mobile app development company that will surely help you to optimize your site for the best digital experience.

1. Review Analytics:

Analytics should define which points needs to be examined and must also exhibit the problematic UX areas where fixes need to be make out. The reviews based on analysis help designers to take appropriate decisions to support multiple devices.

2. Define Business Goals:

You need to make efforts to collect data so that you can identify what your targeted audience actually wants. Just discuss these below questions with your development team:

What is the MVP of your product that you are going to launch?

What are the needs of your targeted audience and what is the current market scenario?

Which features can be added in array list for future enhancement?

Approach your users directly. Engage them through campaigns, surveys and consider their feedback. It will help you to deliver the actual need of users rather than being misguided.

3. Analyse Existing Products:

Perform auditing of current application user interface, navigation path, development architecture, monetization strategy and pre-existing patterns. The derived audit results will help you to analyze the current app level. It will help you to augment your efforts to deliver the best product in the app market.

4. Deliver Best UI:

Below are some points to be kept in mind for best UI deliverance:

1. Make font size readable

2. Increase size of CTA

3. Limit the user actions based on strategy

4. create re-usable components that will decrease your page weight.

5. Perform Post Launch Testing:

Once your mobile site is live, conduct testing to make sure that all included elements are perfect. Ensure that your mobile site loads quickly across all devices.

So, What’s Next Now?

When you are building a mobile version of your site, your main goal should be “what they want” instead of “what I want”. So, if your business has not approached for mobile version then, be quick - Your customers are hunting you on mobile. Stay calm and happy optimization!

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