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5 steps to take when a web design project goes wrong

Website projects fail for many reasons. Technical barriers can prevent completion of a project in the way envisaged; people become ill, or move jobs; and sometimes, it is just the case that the agency doesn’t have the skillset to complete the project to an agreeable quality.

Peacock Carter are an established web design agency in the North East of England, and we’ve been helping clients out of sticky corners with web design projects gone wrong since our founding in 2006.

Here, we share experience from our director, Richard Carter, on getting your web design project back on track as quickly - and cheaply - as possible:

1. Keep calm

Your chosen web design company is likely to know there’s an issue with what they’re doing, and will - hopefully - want to resolve the issues as quickly as they can.

2. Talk to your agency

As infuriating as it may be, the likelihood is that it is easier - and cheaper! - if your existing web designers can resolve issues and complete it. We would recommend the first step to resolving a bad web design project is to try talking to your web design agency, either by phone, or face-to-face.

The quicker you are able to discuss your apprehension, the more quickly a resolution could be found.

3. Audit and review the project so far

In this situation, it is easy to feel like you’re not in control of the project, and you don’t have any concept of how complete the project is, especially if you’re not technically-minded.

When a company loses faith in their web design agency to produce results, it can be useful to engage another web design agency to review the progress of the project to date, and produce an audit report of the current state of play with the project.

4. Engage a mediator

When talking to your agency, or the results of the code audit aren’t satisfactory, try engaging a professional mediator or web design consultant to help reach a compromise on the project’s completion with your existing agency.

5. Find a new website design agency

If you have exhausted all of the above options, it may be time to find a new web design agency with experience of the ecommerce or content management systems your project uses - as an example, Peacock Carter works with WordPress and Magento, and often helps clients in a sticky situation resolve their issues and get their new website launched.

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