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5 Developments that are Changing Marketing in 2017

Marketing is an essential part of the business. Marketing is an area that is always evolving and developing and to ensure the success of business you have to keep up with the changes. New marketing trends emerge every year. Marketing a medium of communication with the clients and for effective communication, it is important to try new and creative ways marketing tactics.

In 2017 the marketing trends are leaning towards engaging customers directly and increasing the market reach. Here are some of the marketing trends you will be witnessing in 2017.

1. Accepting the Automation and Machine Learning:

The trend of using artificial intelligence to know about customer behaviors and trends is one of the most modern trends to look forward to this year. Automation can be used for streamlining the loyalty of clients, and it will help in connecting with them in a better way. Automation does not come with a particular approach which is a good thing as it allows people to get creative and use it with a plan that suits the business needs.

2. Investing in Content Marketing:

Content marketing is expected to be a huge part of marketing strategy. People are becoming more aware of the difference between native marketing and content marketing. Content marketing is a technique that is focused on creating and distributing content that is relevant. The content is shared with intent of attracting more customers. The rise of content marketing is also increasing the demand for SEO services as companies want to increase the visibility of content they are sharing.

3. The Visual Storytelling:

Videos are an excellent way of connecting with people as it helps in conveying the message not just with words but with emotions. The live streaming video is going to be a big marketing in 2017. The video sharing sites are highly popular which shows that it is an excellent medium for marketing. Facebook also has a feature of Facebook live which you allow to create and share content from anywhere. It is a convenient and quick way of marketing and connecting with the clients.

4. The Setting Expiration Date for Social Content:

Giving an expiration date to the social content is suitable for providing urgency to the content and capturing the attention of consumers. When you add a deadline to the viewing of the content the interest of clients is peaked. The influencers who are skillful at this type of communication can help in integrating expiring content in the marketing strategy.

5. Investing in Personalization:

The advent of the internet has made it easier to share information, but there is a downside to this as well. It can result in an overload of information. It can make people resistant to pay attention to advertising. If the marketing pitch is too obvious, then they will not bother to explore it. To get the attention of potential consumers, it is important to add a personalized touch. You should target the customers with content that is relevant and personalized. You need to pay attention to the needs, interests and habits consumers to attract them to the content.

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