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How to ensure your team work well together during stressful situations

There are times when the workplace can be extremely busy and these periods can be very stressful for your staff. At the beginning of the year, your company might win some big contracts and it’s important that your team is trained and ready to work with confidence and positivity. Stressful situations can significantly undermine the quality of your service and negatively impact the happiness of your customers.

For example, in the catering industry, there is a high pressure atmosphere when the restaurant is full of customers. Waiters and chefs have to work together to get food out quickly and to a high standard. When your team is working in a demanding work environment, it’s important you help your team work together.

Here are some tips you can use to ensure your team work well together during stressful situations.

Have Team Briefings

At the beginning of any shift, it is important to get your team together and share any new information that you think they need to know. All staff need to be aware of new information as this can greatly impact the working day.

In the catering industry, head chefs are responsible for sharing special menus and telling the team whether they’re expecting to have a big party of customers.

Providing updates and the latest information helps your team prepare for the big rush. Many teams fail to work well together when they have a lack of information or if there are sudden changes. Having quick meetings in the morning (which last about ten minutes) is the perfect opportunity to tell all your staff any important details.

It is important to ensure staff have the correct uniform on and follow the restaurant’s hygiene standards when service. Slip resistant shoes can reduce workplace injuries and ensure safety whilst on your feet for long periods of time.

Roles and Responsibilities

Clearly define everybody’s role. When a shift gets particularly hectic, then each staff member needs to take charge of their own responsibilities and work as part of a team.

In a kitchen, each chef is responsible for their own station. When a new food order comes in, each chef knows what they have to do in order to work successfully with their team.

If you’re aware some members of your team are unsure what their responsibilities are, talk to them to help avoid miscommunication and ensure everyone is working to their best potential when the workplace is busy.

Keep Communication Open

Encourage people to talk to you when they have problems. A failure in communication can have a negative impact on how your team works. If some people don’t feel comfortable talking to you in the middle of the shift because you’re their manager, then introduce regular one-to-one meetings. These can be on a monthly basis and this gives employees an opportunity to talk to you in a quiet and confidential environment.

Be Organised

Keep the work environment tidy and clean. Loss of important documentation and a messy work area can make situations even more stressful. It’s your responsibility to create a clear and organised work schedule so each employee knows what they’re doing and the work day will be smoother.

Be Patient & Mindful Of Each Other

There are many things to consider when managing a team during a stressful period. The way you act can have a detrimental impact on your team. If you’re showing the signs of stress and lack of patience then this will add additional stress onto your team. As a manager, you need to act as an example for your team. If someone is struggling or needs additional help then be patient and provide help. By being mindful of people’s feelings and what they’re going through, you can help everyone work together during busy periods at work.

Be understanding, be human and be approachable.

Within high pressured situations not everything will go smoothly but if you are on top of the day to day tasks and your team works well together you should be able to resolve most problems and ensure everyone performs successfully.

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